Why Jolle


As a day trader with access to the markets and the knowledge you build up in front of the screens it was very obvious that the currency market is not a functional market with transparency. So I started helping companies to create transparency and noticed that this was valuable information. I knew that banks are pricing similar companies in different ways. If you want to control your mark-up (which you 100% should) we will soon release a Beta service that can help you with that.

We noticed that companies are spending a lot of time discussing currency markets and if they should hedge their positions or not and how they should do it. These issues is quite a big headache for CFO’s in companies dealing in multiple currencies and it really affects their results. So we started to help them out!

It’s about having an objective analysis that you base your decision on, having a currency policy and also have the knowledge how to hedge and when to execute to benefit as most.

We are building an AI-engine that will collect data to give you an objective view of your currency exposure. Jolle will help to automate an optimization of your flows to minimize the risks and to do this in the most cost efficient way possible! We make your global transactions a lot smarter!

Please join us in our journey! We will soon have features that give you as a user real value!

And by the way, We’re hiring!

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