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The biggest pain for companies doing global trade is the complexity to handle multiple currencies. We are looking for a small number of companies that we can work close with for 2-3 months.

Maybe you spend hours and hours using excel to manually control that your currency hedges works out fine?

Maybe you have trouble to identify your currency exposure and have a hard time managing this in a very good way?

Maybe you don’t know how currency fluctuations actually affected your business last month but your CEO want to know?

How would your results look if you hedge your positions? Or if you didn’t hedge your positions?


Jolle is now onboarding Beta clients. We are looking for a small number of companies that have a currency exposure and a yearly volume of currency transactions larger than 3M USD. We love E-commerce but all companies are welcome! We need to work closely with you, ask you some questions and gather information, all in order to develop a product that you will absolutely love! This will only mean a couple of short meetings, in real life or by phone but the time you spend on this will give you 10x back in value. For 2-3 months we will work for you and your organisation for free, adding value and all the knowledge we can!

Optimize your currency flows

What we can offer:

We have years of experience behind screens as day traders, data scientists, building High Frequency Trading systems and building banking systems and we now want to share that knowledge with you through intuitive and powerful products.

We will also show our systematic approaches to optimize executions. We will save you and your company money and time by providing you with tools and services that will also simplify your life.


Jolle is developing an AI-driven treasury solution as a service.

If you are interested in becoming a beta client, just contact us at or fill out below.

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