Some words from our local summer intern hero Axel!

This summer Axel joined Jolle. We couldn’t be happier that this happened and we’re looking forward to drag him onboard again when school is done and Axel wanna test his wings in the startup world!


“This summer was a very exciting time for me. It’s always hard to predict what a job entails before you start and it was with excitement and nervousness that I applied to Jolle this past spring. When I did get the offer from Isak to work there during the summer I accepted without hesitation.

Leading up to my first day at Jolle, I was a bit nervous once again. But before my first day at Jolle I received a phone call from Johan where he welcomed me to the company in a way which made everything feel very safe. And after my first day at work, I felt like I really hit home.

Even if Jolle is a relatively young company, there is a company culture at Jolle which feels very mature. And even though we are spread out over Europe it feels like we are working towards the same goal.

I would like to thank Jolle for an incredible summer and I really hope that we will meet again in the future.”

Axel Nilsson

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