Jolle will replace your spreadsheet

Jolles goal is to automate all the admin work around currency exposure, currency risks and at the same time using AI-tools to constantly challenge and optimize the way you should work with flows of foreign currency. We have been up and running for 6 months now and one of our goals have been to validate the demand from our potential market. Then it’s super-interesting to see one of the biggest banks go in the same direction as Jolle.

New automated solutions will replace spreadsheets

Compared to the digital evolution within, for example, online banking, the development of new FX solutions and tools has been modest. But now the FX market is finally ready to replace spreadsheets and legacy systems with new automated solutions – and it is in the nick of time as corporate companies are seeking to replace old legacy systems and phasing out costly manual processes with new automated solutions.”

We welcome this development with open arms. Jolle is on-track and our vision to build a solution that makes companies currency independent is shining brighter for every day. Banks invest more in API:s for company accounts which makes our potential grow!

If you want to learn more on how Jolle and this digitalization will impact your company and your business you can fill out your e-mail and we will send you information.

The future is ahead of us and will provide us with tools we didn’t think was possible today. Jolle will always aim to be in the frontline of this development and will always push the limits of what is possible!

If you have any thoughts or questions you can always contact me at or call me at +46-732 000 400.

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